Don't Waddle for Crumbs

**Language Warning**

Growth is in discomfort. 

Never stop growing. 

Everyone's fighting something. 


This is what you came for. This is why you're here. 

Good enough just isn't good enough. 

Disruptive innovator

If you aren't failing, you aren't training. 

...and so on. 

I realize that some folks see these as tag lines for advertising or good t-shirt fodder. They are those things, but before they were those things, they were LIFE

These simple phrases represent who and what we are. They are the foundation of our ethos, and they aren't just for us to espouse to our students or our friends or our kids. If you can only talk the talk, and you can't walk the walk, you'll be shown the motherfucking door.

Disruptive innovators choose the hard way, because they want truth, not to feel good. They aren't looking for handouts or what's easy. They know shit is going to be hard. They know they'll be on the "wrong end" of what's popular and trendy and they embrace that shit. It makes them hungry. It makes them work even harder to improve themselves and those around them, eschewing dogma and lauding failure as part of what will make them better. 

Disruptive innovators lift heavy shit, shoot guns, punch each other in the face, slay their weaknesses, read books, find people better than them, seek more and more knowledge, and they don't bitch when things don't go their way. They know that to build something glorious, you have to tear shit down. They literally do what others tell them they shouldn't or they can't, then they take a picture of that shit. Disruptive innovators are fucking monsters, not because it's cool to put on a t-shirt, but because being a fucking monster is what the world needs. 

Now, if I'm not talking to you, carry the fuck on with your bad self. Keep getting it, and encourage those around you to do the same. If I am talking about you, get the fuck up and do something about it. Don't get pissed at me for pointing it out. You weren't put on this earth to be mediocre. You weren't put here to swim with all of the other fucking salmon or waddle for crumbs with the rest of the pigeons. That shit is unacceptable, and YOU are the only one that can change it, so stop fucking around and feeling sorry for yourself, and be the Disruptive Innovating Fucking Monster you're supposed to be. 

All the best,
Ryan Hoover